At-Home Shoulder Heat Therapy Wrap



Shoulder injuries are far too common among athletes, the elderly, and those involved in automotive accidents. To help ease the discomfort, our At-Home Heat Therapy Shoulder Wrap safely provides deep penetrating Far Infrared Rays (FIR) directly to the source of the pain, while providing endless heat to the targeted area in your shoulder. The heat warp is still comfortable and flexible enough to be mobile. The FIR heat penetrates about 3 inches through the skin, muscle and more to minimize your recovery time.  

This form-fitting wrap is perfect for everyday therapeutic relief. It also works great to warm up your muscles before a game or physical activity by increasing blood flow and relaxing your muscles. Our heated shoulder wrap with FIR heat is the ideal solution for baseball players, golfers, football players and other athletes looking to keep the competitive advantage.



  • Power System:Plug in at home
  • Heating Elements:1 large flex-panel 
  • Heat Settings: Low, Medium, High
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Lining:Brushed Fleece

Sizing chart

  • S/M: 81 cm - 101 cm chest
  • L/XL: 101 cm - 132 cm chest


Automatic Timer

The automatic timer shuts off right when it hits 30 minutes. This feature is for your safety as you theraputically relieve any aches and pains. 





Hook & Loop Strap

The Adjustable Strap allows you to get the most out of your wrap. Adjusting it will provide accessible movement and flexibility. 





Flexible Heating Panel

FIR heat is all about efficient, deep penetrating and targeted heat. With our flexible heating panel, your injury spot will be receiving heat from every angle





Deep Penetrating Theraputic Heat

Unlike conventional forms of heat therapy products, which heat up only the surface of the skin, Far Infrared Ray heat penetrates up to 3 inches into the muscles and bones, optimizing its therapeutic benefits.  In addition, FIRs superior heating efficiency enables users to use a lower overall heating temperature, perfect for sensitive individuals.


  • Dilates blood vessels
  • Increases blood flow
  • Heightens blood oxygen level
  • Relaxes muscles spasms
  • Loosens joint stiffness
  • Speeds up cellular healing