Heated Lumbar Support Cushion



At some point in your life you’ve had to deal with nagging lower back pain - even the slightest movement produces an eruption of pain making you think twice about moving your lower back.  Then you have to somehow come up with a battle plan for piling yourself in the car without that intense pain coming back...and then try to sit in one of those “ergonomic” chairs that supposedly keeps you comfy while hammering away at your keyboard.  So there you sit and suffer for eight hours or more dealing with this unbearable pain while the rest of your co-workers wonder what’s wrong with you. At this point you just want the pain to go away.

No worries though, we got your back, literally! Enter our Heated Lumbar Support Cushion.



  • Power System: Plug in at home
  • Heating Elements: 1 Large Panel
  • Heat Settings: Low, Medium, High, Max
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Exterior Fabric: High Density Memory Foam



Ergonomic Design

The slope design of the heated lumbar support cushion fits perfectly on the small of your back for premium comfort and pain relief.




Built In Controller

With the touch of a button you can change the temperature from low, medium, and max.  After 30 minutes the heat will turn off for safety.





Far Infrared Ray heat is harmless, comfortable, targeted deep penetrating heat waves. It is an effective way to strengthen immunity and improve blood flow, which eases muscles spasms, rehabilitates movement impairment, alters the sensation of pain and promotes tissue repair.