Motorcycle Heated Insoles
Motorcycle Integrated Heating System
Splitter for Motorcycle Heated Insoles
  • Motorcycle Heated Insoles
  • Motorcycle Integrated Heating System
  • Splitter for Motorcycle Heated Insoles

Motorcycle Heated Insoles - 12 V


What’s Included?

  • 1 pair of Motorcycle Heated Insoles
  • 1 Glove/Insole Harness
  • 1 Battery Harness with Safety Fuse Kit
  • Instructional Guide

*Draw: 2 AMPS on High (per pair)




Small:     7 - 8 (US), 37,5 - 38,5 (EU)

Medium: 9 - 10 (US), 40 - 42 (EU) 

Large:    11 - 12 (US), 43 - 44 (EU)

XL:         13 - 14 (US), 45 - 46,5 (EU)



Small:     5 - 6 (US), 37 - 38 (EU)

Medium: 7 - 8 (US), 39 - 41 (EU)

Large:     9 - 10 (US), 43 - 44 (EU)

XL:          11 - 12 (US), 45 - 46 (EU)



The newest generation of Motorcycle Heated Insoles will keep your feet supported and warm!

The ultra-thin micro-alloy fiber heating elements are positioned through the entire insole, from heel to toe, which provides the warmth and comfort you need for even the coldest adventures.

Designed to be powered by your motorcycle’s power source.  You can connect your Heated Insoles directly to Venture Heat’s pant-liners or directly onto a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, with the (included) insole harness for endless heated comfort.

*Once you receive your insoles, you can cut and trim the toe area for your exact size.*

Extend the riding season long into the cold months with Heated Motorcycle Insoles. You will never have to deal with freezing toes again!



  • Power System: Plugin in to Vehicle
  • Heating Elements: Entire Foot
  • Heat Settings: High
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Source: 12-13.8 Volts DC
  • Draw: 2.0 Amps total
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Exterior Fabric: PU Shock Absorbent Foam
  • Style: 12V Heated Insole


Quick Heat

With heat on demand in under 10 second, the Heated Insoles are sure to keep you warm and comfortable as far as your adventure takes you.




Xtreme Comfort Technology

Our XCT in the Motorcycle Heated Insole has an adaptive, form-fitting memory foam design to keep your feet comfortable for endless journeys.




Motorcycle Interconnectivity

The Heated Insoles are powered by the existing battery on your vehicle and will provide heat as long as you're on the road. Simply connect the harness to the terminals on the battery and run the coax cable underneath the body.





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